30 Desember 2012

Padang Food ?? Umm...

Padang is a city in Indonesia, the capital city of West Sumatera Province. In Indonesia, Padang food is one of delicious culinary. But, Padang food not only come from this city, it's comes from all parts of West Sumatera Province starts from Bukittinggi, Payakumbuh, Pariaman and Others. Because of the popularity this food, we can find Padang Restaurant (Rumah Makan Padang in Bahasa Indonesia) in Sumatera, Java, Bali, even Malaysia and Singapore.

Then what makes Minang Food (The other name of Padang Food) was famous ?
The answers is : Many characteristics that make it different with other foods. 
First, many Padang Food using a succulent coconut milk. This is because this place has a lot of coconut trees. Second, Padang Food is famous of spicy chili. In this country, Padang food is identical with spicy taste. Third, Padang Food always cooked with many seasoning.

Padang Food ? 

Check this out...

Rendang (Pict Source)

chunks of beef stewed in spicy coconut milk and chili gravy, cooked well until dried.

Samba Lado Gulai Jantuang (Pict Source)

Samba Lado 
Sambal with large sliced chili pepper

Samba Lado Tanak (Pict Source)

Samba Lado Tanak
Similiar to the Samba Lado but softer texture

Gulai Cancang (Pict Source)

Gulai Cancang
Gulai of meat and cow internal organs
Gulai Gajeboh (Pict Source)

Gulai Gajeboh
Coconut Curry beef intestine

Dendeng Batokok (Pict Source)

Dendeng Batokok
Thin Crispy beef

Dendeng Balado (Pict Source)

Dendeng Balado
Thin Crispy beef with chili

Asam Padeh (Pict Source)

Asam Padeh

Ayam Balado (Pict Source)

Ayam Balado
Thin Crispy chicken with chili

Gulai Cubadak (Pict Source)

Gulai Cubadak
Gulai of jackfruit

Gulai Ayam (Pict Source)

Gulai Ayam

Do you want to try ? :)

4 komentar:

  1. Wow, is magic..............
    i like it

  2. The dishes were very tasty, but my taste is more suited to Warung Tegal

  3. rendang udah paling juara deh kalo soal masakan padang. heehe

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