30 Desember 2012

Poco-poco, Indonesia Modern Dance ! Where is it Now ?

Poco-poco, have you ever heard this words ? 

Poco-poco is one of Indonesia's famous modern dance in the world. This dance originated from eastern Indonesia. The movements of Poco-poco is taken from the traditional dance movement in various region in Indonesia. The dance is very simple and easily imitated. Poco-poco became popular in indonesia in the early 2000s. 

This dance was originally known in military and police as a movement of rhythmic gymanstic. Poco-poco thus became famous in Indonesia and start made by the Indonesian people as one dance is used as rhythmic gymnastic, and even contested.This dance is accompanied by a song called Poco-poco from Maluku Islands, Indonesia. 

Dance movements are two small steps to the right, back to the place, then took two steps backward, the forward to the fore while spinning, and so on, the movement is repeated. The principle is turnnig the body over the compass and then returned to the original place. However now the Poco-poco rarely danced again in Indonesia.
               This is the poco-poco dance, but the choreography has been modified from the original dance :)

however, now the poco-poco rarely danced again in Indonesia, It is not known what the cause :(

So, Play your poco-poco music and let's dance :))

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