18 Januari 2013

Angklung, Indonesian Traditional Musical Instrument

Angklung, have you ever heard it ? Angklung is one of Indonesian traditional musical instrument. This is made  of two bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. The base of frame is held in one hand, whilst the other hand strikes the instrument. This causes a repeating note to sound. Each of three of more performers in an angklung ensemble play just one note or more, but altogether complete melodies are produced. 

Angklung is a musical instrument that already belongs to the long time ago. Now, angklung is synonymous with Sundanesse culture.  But, if you're visiting Bali, Kalimantan, Lampung, Central Java and  East Java, you will also find angklung.

Angklung now has a list of wolrd cultural heritage by UNESCO.

On July 9, 2011 5,182 people from many nations played angklung together in Washington DC and are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest angklung ensemble.

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