03 Januari 2013

Do You Like Traveling ? Not Enough If You Haven't Been to Bukittinggi

Lets start by talking a tourist spots in Sumatera, Indonesia. One of the suitable for you who like to travel, shopping and dinning are Bukittinggi. Why ? This city has a wonderful charm belonging than other cities in West Sumatera. When you come here, the clean and cool air will greet you. Then when you walk into Center of the City, you will be presented with a lovely charm of nature and buildings that exist here.

Historically, the city was once the capital of Indonesia during the Emergency Goverment of the Republic of Indonesia. In addition, the city has also been nicknamed as Fort de Kock. This is because at the time of Dutch colonialism in 1825, the town was used as a fortress by the name Fort de Kock. Just info : this ciy once was dubbed Parijs Van Sumatera and this city also sisters (sister city) with Negeri Sembilan Malaysia.

The cannon of Fort de Kock

So, what do you get when you visiting this city ?
Oke we are going to discuss in general the city's sight.

1. Place of tourism and historic buildings.

So, many tourist attractions that you can find here. When you visit the center of the city, you will find "Jam Gadang". Jam Gadang is the name of the tower which is located in the center of the city.Tower means suggests that the clock is very large. High tower is about 26 meters in accordance with the founding of the year 1926 as a gift from the Queen of the Netherlands to Rook Maker who became secretary of Bukittinggi in those days. In this development, the roof has been done three times of Jam Gadang renovations, In the Dutch East Indies Colonial roof round with rooster statue facing towards the east, then the Jappanese colonial period turned into a pagoda shape and after Indonesia's independence, it was replace with a roof which form Gonjong that Rumah Gadang (West Sumateran Traditional House).

Jam Gadang

Besides Jam Gadang, you can find a Japanesse Hole which is the protection tunnel built during Japanesse Colonial in 1942. The legth of this hole reaches 1400 meters with a width of 2 meters. Once you get out of the Japanesse Hole, you can enjoy the Sianok canyon (Ngarai Sianok in Bahasa Indonesia). A steep valley which lies on the border town of Bukittinggi. This gap depth reaches 100m with a legth of 15 km and a width of 200 m. Fantastic ! 

Japanesse Hole

Japanesse Hole.2
Sianok Canyon 1

Sianok Canyon 2

Sianok Canyon 3

Actually there are many other tourist attractions, but we will discused next time :)

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