12 Januari 2013

Es Campur, Favorite Dessert in Indonesia

Let's discuss about the Indonesian traditional food again. After yesterday discussing about Klepon and Pisang Goreng, now we discuss about the refreshing drinks. Es Campur (Indonesian for "mixed ice") is a drink made from a mixture of ingredients that are mixed with sweet syrup. In Indonesia, Es Campur is liked by a lot of people in the month of Ramadhan as iftar drinks. But sometimes, the drink is also often used as a dessert in big events.

Where you can find it ? In the whole are of Indonesia, you will find ice mixed with ease. Ranging from traditional markets, even the restaurant was mostly aslso provides Es Campur as flagship menu.

Es Campur

Es Campur maker in Indonesia was relatively, depending on the region of origin and taste. If you want to make this ice is very easy. Only by combining several ingredients in one plate of shaved ice,shredded coconut flesh, diced bread, kolang-kaling (Arenga pinata fruit), cendol (green worm-like jelly), agar jelly, avocado, jackfruit, selasih (basil seeds), cassava tapai, liquid sugar or cocopandan syrup and condensed milk. 

Shredded Coconut Flesh


Agar Jelly

condensed milk

Cassava Tapai




Waallaaa.... by combining this food, you are able to enjoy your own version of Es Campur.

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