12 Januari 2013

Travelling to Bukittinggi Part 2

Let's go back to Bukittinggi, but to a different place. After a visit to the historic building, now is the time for us to go shopping.... :) So, prepare your wallet. 

In Bukittinggi there are 3 famous traditional market, Pasar Atas, Pasar Bawah and Pasar Aur Kuning. This place is economic center of Bukittinggi. If you visit this market, you will be happy and feel comfortable. In additio, the third of this markets is very close to the downtown area.

So, what can you buy here ?

Rumah Gadang Miniature

Many Minangkabau Knick Knacks

So, many Minangkabau knick knacks here (Minangkabau is ethnic western sumateran society) like Rumah Gadang miniature, Jam Gadang miniature, embroidered clothing typical minangkabau, and many others. 

Rangkiang Miniature


 To get these items, you'll not need to pay expensive. Besides that, you can also visit the place of manufacture directly by asking the dealer.

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