11 Januari 2013

Klepon, A Tasty Snack !

Klepon is a traditional rice cake, popular in Indonesia and Malaysia. This snack very popular in Java as "Klepon", but if you visit Sumatera Island, the people here going to call that Onde-onde. This food is boiled rice cake, stuffed with liquid palm sugar (gula jawa in Bahasa Indonesia) and rollated in grated coconut. The color of klepon is green because it's flavored with a paste made from pandan.

Palm Sugar in Klepon

Hm... Yummy..
Klepon sellers usually put it on a banana leaf 

RainPon ( Rainbow Klepon ) haha

When you eat this klepon, you must be careful, if you enter an incorrect bite, the liquid sugar from palm sugar in klepon will be out and could have been soiling your clothes :)

This snacks are easy to find throughout the Indonesian traditional markets, besides it tastes good, the price is very cheap.

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15 komentar:

  1. blog dan klepon nya mantap mas...

  2. wow, that lokks yummy,,
    I ever made this eith my mother, n I forget the recipe right now...

    good writing, I want to try write in english in my blog, but I'm still not confidence with my ability,,,

    nice blog, I'm your follower now, please do what I did...

  3. @sabda awal: haha.. saya juga ga pernah bikin klepon :) ini kalo tulisan bahasa inggris juga baru belajar dikit-dikit hehehe :)

    aku juga dah follow mas :)
    thank you and happy blogging

  4. really looks good. I definitely want to try and taste it. I just hope it's available here in the Philippines. lol anyway, keep the food blog coming! deuces! :D

  5. Balasan
    1. pasti dong, apalagi yang gratis :)

  6. sedapyer,,,klepok di malaysia dipanggil "buah melaka" oyye sangat suka~

  7. yummy...buah melaka...
    like it very much til i ask my dad to buy it everyday in Ramadhan..

  8. enak toh keleponnya...
    follow bck sob blog gue

  9. folloow juga networkedblognya sob

  10. di Kelantan, Malaysia dipanggil 'buoh kekoh-kekoh chaa'


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