05 Januari 2013

Traditional Food Wrapping : Banana Leaves ?

Indonesia Traditional Food
When you buy wrapped food everywhere, most sellers wrap it with wrapping paper, plastic or steroform box. However, if you buy a Indonesian traditional food, maybe you will rarely find it. The traders here use banana leaves as a subtitute for plastic or wrapping the food.

Why do they use leaves ? 
I think these traders used the leaves to make it practical. 

Banana Leaves

Then Why do they use banana leaves ? 
In Indonesia, banana leaves are also an easy thing to find because this area is in the tropics. If they dont have banana plantation, these traders will buy it at a very cheap price. Moreover, this method can also reduce the risk of global warming with the replacement of the plastic as a food wrappers that difficult to disentangle. Chemically, banana leaves contain polyphenols in significant amounts. Polyphenols are chemical compounds that are found in tea leaves. With the presence of these compounds, the tea leaves give off a distinctive aroma, as well as what happens in banana leaves (I think).


Nasi Bakar


It's use is quite easy, banana leaves are still good is taken from the tree, slightly warmed over a fire to limber up the leaves, once it leaves cut into pieces and is ready to use as a food wrapper. 

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